High Performance Agile Teams

Are you a new company that is reaching the point of beginning to deliver at scale? Or an established group that needs help with improving your delivery? Or is it bespoke, Agile and Scrum Online Courses and Training?

We would like you to consider HPT Agile. I wont lie, we are a young team. But we are focused and we have values that we strive to uphold. And we are ambitious. We  regularly work at a leadership level to work through and roll out agile practices across organisations.

We are a  coaches, teachers, facilitators and mentors but on top of this, we are   delivery experts who has led the delivery of agile value across large scale delivery. The outcome is not teams of highly qualified agile practitioners but High Performance Agile Teams.

This is our promise to you.

Agile Scrum online Courses

Scrum Master Online Training Course

We meet a lot of Scrum Masters
And many of them are aiming to complete their Scrum Master training, like the PSM1 for example. But they need a helping hand to pass the exam. A refresher course 100% focused on the Scrum guide. Deep diving into every aspect of the guide. We had so many people that were looking for something like this, that we decided to package up our Scrum Master Classroom course and put it online.

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Rolling out Scrum across a large enterprise

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Agile delivery: Looking under the hood of our agile delivery

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Security and agile delivery at an enterprise level

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Our Values

  1. Authenticity: Creating an environment where I bring my true self to work

  2. Service: Thinking more about helping others and our planet

  3. Meaning: Believing that my work has purpose

  4. Learning: Continuously learning

  5. Trust: Trusting people by default

  6. Curiosity: Exploring new ways to work and uncovering new ideas

  7. Community: Develop authentic relationships with good and motivated people

  8. Status: Leaving my ego / fear at home (or in the bin)

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