Scrum Master online Training Course

Our Scrum Master Online Training Course holds over 50 modules comprising videos, audios, fact sheets and quizzes, all centred around giving the student a comprehensive understanding of the Scrum Guide. Its perfect for anyone who is about to sit their stage one exams with organisations like and the Scrum Alliance

Scrum Master online Training Course is built around providing a firm understanding of all aspects of Scrum as per the Scrum Guide. It covers four broad areas.

  1. Scrum overview including Agile and Lean
  2. The Scrum Roles
  3. Scrum Events
  4. The Scrum Artifacts

We dive deep into the 3-5-3 structure that is Scrum, giving you all the information you need on each building block leading to a firm understanding of all aspects of Scrum to help you pass your Scrum exam.

The Scrum Master Refresher Course is tailored to Scrum Master’s who are aiming to gain their first agile qualification. We know that very few people are lucky enough to be in a role where they are covering every single area of expertise. There are always gaps. And nowadays, with many Scrum Masters aiming to take the Exam Only route, for example, the PSM1 exam, they need that extra help to understand all aspects of Scrum. We hope this course will give you that confidence going into the exam to know that you have the full broad knowledge to pass your exam and gain your Scrum Master accreditation

We do not believe this is the best course if you have zero knowledge of Agile and Scrum. It is more focused on individuals who are currently working in an agile / scrum environment and want a helping hand to pass their Scrum Master exams.

In fact, this course is perfect if you are retaking your assessment and need a course that will give you deep knowledge that takes you beyond your current Scrum Master experience.

The Scrum Master online Training Course Does Not provide accreditation, eg CSM™ or PSM™ I from the main Scrum bodies like and the Scrum Alliance. That being said, the aim of this course is in preparation for exams like the PSM™ I certification assessment etc

If you are a Scrum Master, leading into taking your initial Scrum Master exams, this course acts as your core learning before completing the exam. You will need to complete and understand each module. The course is geared towards giving you a complete understanding of the Scrum guide and passing your first Scrum Master exam. You should be able to answer each quiz as you proceed with a near perfect score. You should also read the Scrum guide after completing the course and use all available online quizes to hone your skills on passing your exam.

Please note that exams like the PSM™ I is not an easy exam and you will need a complete understanding of Scrum to pass

The full course is £199.99. 

This gives you lifetime access to all 50 modules.

Self Paced e-Learning
Over 50 modules covering every aspect of Scrum
Lifetime Access
A mix of Audio, Video, Factsheets and Quizzes

Scrum Master Online Training Course


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I was looking for a refresher course before I took the PSM1 exam and found this course online. It had all the info I needed to pass the exam and I did, first time!

Dean Price
Scrum Master
Thursday, Nov 31, 2018

I failed my Scrum Master exam and needed a course that gave me the extra bit to pass. I passed second time round with 95%. Happy Days!

Ashley Winter
Scrum Master in Financial Services
Wed, February 13, 2019

I did not have a lot of time to study but their course was very complete. The videos broke down the information well. Dont be fooled though, the PSM1 exam is hard to pass. You need to study hard

Raj Jain
Project Lead
Friday, January 11, 2019

I was part of the beta for this product with the HPT Agile guys. I gave a lot of feedback. Good to see the improvements were made!! I passed the exam first time!

Alex Corby
Product Owner
Monday, November 12, 2018
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