Agile 101 Webinars in December

As promised, I will be running a series of one hour webinars later this week focusing on Agile fundamentals.

It is perfect for anyone who is new to Agile and wants a good view of Agile basics and history.

I have two time slots

  • Friday 20th of Dec at 14:00 GMT

  • Saturday 21st of Dec at 14:00 GMT

I have limited numbers, to allow you to ask questions, so it will be on a first come first served!

I will be focusing on the following topics (depending on time)

  1. The Cynefin Framework – How the type of problem determines the solution framework

  2. The birth of Lean in Toyota

  3. Understanding Waterfall as a precursor for Agile

  4. The birth of Agile

  5. Agile vs Waterfall – The two compared

  6. The Agile Manifesto

  7. The evolution of Agile practices

  8. Agile Versus contemporary Business Management

  9. Agile in Numbers

  10. Scaled Agile

Let me know if you wish to attend and I will send out the link.

I hope you can make it!

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