Day 1 Launch Workshop

1Product Vision and Product Strategy - Product Owner outlines the overarching goals for the product
2Coaching Agreement - Coach leads a conversation to agree a set of rules for the relationship between the coach and the Scrum team
3Scrum Team Working Agreement - The team agree a set of rules and disciplines for how they wish to work with each other
4Owners / Timeboxes / Scrum Process review - Coach runs through the rules that the team need to adhere to
5Definition of Ready - The coach introduces the concept and the team complete a first draft and make it visible through the sprint
6Confirm Sprint Cadence - All parties agree on the cadence for the foreseeable future
7Plan for the sprint - The coach reiterates the schedule for the coming sprint so that the team can better plan their time for the period (Note: Scrum master to get events in the diary)
8Review sprint 1 plan for User Stories (Who / What / why) and Acceptance Criteria
9Introduction to Value
10Visualisation - Getting everything on the wall
11Scrum board design
12Backlog Refinement (incl Story Mapping and Estimation)


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