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Is it possible for the aerial root to grow roots and propagate like that? happen if i keep her in water, i kinda like it that way. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I bought a one node, one leaf Monstera deliciosa cutting online in September. The thing about monsteras without leaves (or one or two of them) is they take a VERY long time to produce new ones. To answer your questions:1. Thanks so much. Thanks so much for your help – he’s survived so much I want to help him grow the best way I can. That aerial root will eventually sprout white off shoots which are crucial for the survival of the plant – they’ll look like white fluff as they start out but will grow longer as time goes on. My worry is, I am worried the mom leaf is going to leave me, like she did her job and now.. she isn’t going to die is she? Thanks. And if there is ANY green leaves left right now keep them on, it will help. Just be sure to use filtered water, free of chlorine and chemicals. Hi Ann, Yes it definitely will! Was trying to ptopagate my monstera delioiosa thai constellation… I cut the stem up to a small portion of the node. Do you have any advice for rooting a leafless node cutting? Hi there! very small maybe 1cm and 0,5 cm (it’s there already when I bought it, and it planted in soil then I moved it to water propagation). Hi there! You can still follow the same instructions I have for propagating a regular cutting, it just may take an extra month or two – you don’t want to plant the cutting until it produces a couple leaves. Hi Julie! Do you have to replace the water often whilst they are soaking for 1-2 months? If the mother plant was unhealthy in any way, your cutting may end up being the same, which is why it’s important to only propagate from healthy plants. First though, I partnered with Annie Zyg Illustration to create the gorgeous print – a visual illustration of the Monstera Deliciosa. Hi! A leafstalk of adansonii grows from 8 to 24 inches (20 cm to 60 cm) long. One of them only has an aerial root and one petiole. As far as getting them to root, the stems won’t be enough – they’ll need a node which turns into the roots. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Comes from the Latin term meaning “abnormal” because of its odd-looking, perforated leaves that are often punched through with holes. Just make sure you use filtered water (nothing with chlorine) and change the water every few days. Bear in mind it seem to take forever for leaves to grow, but you should have some luck. How do I get my leaves to be thicker and not limp? It sounds like you still have nodes on the mother plants and you should see growth coming from those stems too. Year later sprouted it’s first baby. If you have been struggling with growing this plant, check out my related post that will answer your burning questions: Monstera Problems: 11 Frustrating Problems and Solutions . The leaf is starting to get yellow, but there’re no sign of roots. Monstera wetstick, once you receive one, can be propagated directly into soil or using sphagnum moss. I moved my monstera plant in the dead of winter, and majority of the leaves died. These nodes “appear” as the plant grows, so you will definitely have more as it gets bigger and sprouts more leaves. Oh no! Unfortunately I had to leave my monstera during lockdown for 6 months. I have put directly into potting mix. And yes, monsteras love moss poles! A moss totem would work, too, but you’ll have to keep it moist. Thank you so much for the amazing post! However, this is quite rare and can only happen with a fertile and very humid climate. I was wondering should I cut it off to propagate and re plant it in the same pot? So, depending on the condition, you may be ok, but you’ll have to be sure you aren’t cutting off a node – if you are you won’t see the plant develop any more and it is probably some type of rot that infected it. I had a beautiful monstera that over the summer months it got infested with tiny flies. Not sure if you would have as much luck just putting them in soil.2. I have a monstera I grew from a clipping of a leaf and a single root. But now it appears the momma leaf is trying to part ways. I’ve water propagated many plants but never one without a leaf and I currently have two I’m trying to revive. Q: I have an indoor monstera that looks like Monty. I didn’t know to look to see if there was an extra node in the cutting before I planted it. Hi, i’m looking at a lot of videos and pictures and my plants dont look like the same. Hi! In other words, feel free to cut off any leaves you don't like and the plant will shrug it off without any issue. Monstera species often have numerous variations and as a result, numerous synonym names (same plant, other scientific name) are sometimes used. I am also paranoid about it rotting due to it being such a ‘sturdy’ root – how can I prevent this? Do you think it’s better to buy a stem with nodes, aerial roots and leaf than just a wetstick with node? Good luck! In entomology, petiole is the technical term for the narrow waist of some hymenopteran insects, especially ants, bees, and wasps in the suborder Apocrita. I have it in a vase with some philodendron plants rooting. Well a series of events, 3 big moves, cold, stress, ect. Can I propagate monstera in fall? The leaf base is the slightly expanded area where the leaf attaches to the stem. I also grow Monstera adansonii and Monstera siltepecana and I’m in love with those too! Will i still see roots ? Not the entire node. It hasnt been fed for a month. Which has a higher chance of survival/growth? Hi, if you get a large stem cutting with more than one node, can you then cut that stem up into however many nodes it has and create multiple cuttings? Is there anything I can do to save it? It may, but it really needs at least a whole node to grow a root so you may lose it. I love what you do here! I was wondering if another node will appear to produce a new leaf or did I get ripped off? I still have the nubs from the stems that I cut them from, in soil, and the nodes are also growing. that the leaves of mine are so tall that the petiole break and the leaves drops. Hi I have recently noticed that a couple of my monstera nodes (I meant aerial roots) are growing but drying out at the ends and seem to have stopped extending towards the soil. I was given a Monstera leaf, I have had it in water for about seven months, just recently it started growing a leaft at the petiole , I kept it because the leaf stood green even though it did not have a node on it. If I take a cutting of a monstera what happens the the mother plant? Hi Claudine! Thanks for the kind words! One node is Small and a good size and the other one is as thick as my middle finger , however when putting in a vase of water the bigger node snapped a little , not fully but it’s hanging . You would only need to worry if they started to shrivel. Hi, enjoyed the comments and your article, very helpful. Hi Samantha! I’ve placed it is a glass jar with water! Good luck! Which means the water level will be middle of the petiole. You can always cut a chunk off with a root if there are any aerial roots visible. Do I need to cut the dead leaves off? Hi Trish, wetsticks are tricky but what most people don’t know is they take FOREVER to grow anything. Yellow leaves usually means it is being overwatered and limp folded-in leaves means it needs water. I have a survivor monstrous plant that used to be so big, it almost needed its own room. I would be happy a leaf sprouted though – that’s great! But, if they are just the stems (no nub or aerial root) will that even be possible? A new one will shoot out along the stem. Yes you definitely can eventually propagate, but I would wait until some new fresh leaves pop out. Monstera lechleriana characteristically grows on the lower trunks of large trees below the branches. Can it be left to live this way or must it be potted in soil to survive? Or does the cutting have to include the top leaf of the stem? ( if it is one). Wetsticks are fine, but all variegated monstera (esp Monstera albo) grow very slow, so you are looking at a year for only a few leaves to possibly pop up. I just took a top cutting from my monstera albo and am worried about the stem cutting on the mother plant . These impressive plants are also tolerant of the occasional missed watering, making them ideal for inexperienced plant parents. The only thing I could think of it may of gotten hit or damaged since it was at a weird angle, that would be the only thing that would cause any splitting. Propagation leaves plants a bit fragile. Hi Peter, Its hardly noticeable but i do mother my plant so. Will it die or will it keep producing new leaves? I hope that helps! I hope that helps! I’m wondering since delicosa isn’t viney per se, but other types like Monstera adansonii are. This is not by far different from epipremnoides with a span of 12 to 20 inches (30 to 50 cm). Hi Eva! Good luck! It has 2 aerial roots and many nodes but looks abit weird as the stem is maybe 9 inches long with only one petiole and leaf. It has only been one day but it looks like it is weeping and dark. 2. I read that when the leave “looks sad” it mean there is too much watering. Outgrowths appearing on each side of the petiole in some species are called stipules. Hey Rob, this can happen if the air is too dry or if there is not enough humidity. Hi Hannah! Typically I cut off any growth that won’t get sunlight, and turn those into new plants. Can you send a pic via instagram or facebook? Hope that helps! I have two questions: 1. The one to pull through was the most beat up of them all. Hi I have a very tall /large Swiss cheese plant and think it could do with a prune ,how do I go about it as never done before and don’t want to do damage. Nodes will grow into roots so your plant is doing great! anyway, poor thing almost completely died off. With age, really. Personally, I would wait until another leaf sprouted while it is in water and then I would plant, but planting it now would be fine too. I cut off all the dead leaves so now he is the only petiole and leaf . A: Hi Anna, I’ve done both. Hi Maddie, it’s hard to tell without seeing a photo (which you can share with me on facebook) but it sounds like he should be fine as long as there are healthy roots. Monstera obliqua has been divided into a number of putative species, principally on the basis of differences in leaf shape, but these variations are of little taxonomic significance. Monstera deliciosa, one of the most commonly cultivated aroids, is a morphologically variable species and has traditionally been considered native to southern Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama. I have two that I propagated from a big one that was in my office before we moved. Is it ok to cut it and just put it in water? Do they sometimes sprout new growth before they root??? I would just be sure to keep the cutting healthy and in a warm place with high humidity and let the leaf yellow and fall off naturally. If not what’s the best way? The ant genus Prionopelta Mayr, 1866 is revised for the Neotropics. You can propagate, but be sure your Monstera is old enough. I urge you get a moisture meter (I have this one and love mine) so you can get a feel of its watering schedule. I’ve tried all methods, in various seasons and summer propagation either in soil or water is foolproof while winter prop (in soil or water), cuttings are more likely to die. Monstera plants are known for their distinctive leaf patterns. It will dry and slightly shrivel and turn a dark brown. just placed in filter water as you suggested. 1. Near the canopy, there will be direct sun. A neighbor pulled a baby monstera from the roots for me. I put it into water but no root, only black on the bottom of the stem. I would say there’s no harm in trying it! Look your monstera over and find the node. In botany, the petiole (/ ˈ p iː t i oʊ l /) is the stalk that attaches the leaf blade to the stem, : 87: 171 and is able to twist the leaf to face the sun. The segment must have an aerial root and node, the node allows the plant to be much more stable once planted, and will eventually grow into a root. Could I send you pictures for advices? I put the cutting in Leca and it now has lots of roots. Read more…. Be patient as new leaves can take come time, but after the plants get established (3-4 months after planting) they pop out leaves quickly. The internodes are short and the leaves are borne in a tight head of ten to fifteen leaves at the top of the stem, which in the foliated part is completely hidden by the overlapping petiole bases. Hi Anna, if your cutting does not contain any type of node you will not see roots. I’ve put it in clean water but most of the research I’ve done says that there needs to be a node – do you think it will root? Good luck! These are climbing plants in nature so they remain in a single-stem form and run across the ground in search of a tree. Yes, you should be just fine, it may just take a while before a leaf pops out. I wonder the stem without extra petioles and any node would ever be rich bushy like? Too much watering may be the case or underwatering. I would cut it completely off the mother plant and start a whole new plant in a different pot. Description. If I take a cutting from the top, what will happen to the mama plant? If it has many roots that’s a sure sign! r/Monstera: Hi and welcome to r/monstera - Our community is all about the discussion of all things Monstera related, whether that’s their care … Press J to jump to the feed. Q: Hi! Hi Xenia! I talk a bit about wetsticks here too. Great post! I've been smug for 2 years growing my monstera, reading other peoples issues. Is there a way to encourage the Monstera to pop up more babies? The leaf is attached to the stem by the leaf base and may (a) (b) (c) (d) Axillary bud modified into tendril Roots arising from nodes Stem modified into spine Ginger Zaminkand Potato Bougainvillea sp. You can try to do the water propagation method but it’s very difficult to keep the wetstick moist without submerging the whole thing. Glad I was able to help you out on IG, Nikki! I enventually had to cut through the node to find health tissue. Sign up for our newsletter for even more leaves and paws in your inbox. What do you think of this stem cutting? Hi I have a monstera delisiosa or borsigiana verigata and it has one leaf and one node that now has a root system and has been in soil for a few months. This gives a characteristic foliage arrangement to the plant. Petiole: one third to half the length of the lamina, 30 – 60 cm long, vaginate to the lamina base, the sheath wings persistent, to 6 cm broad near the base, geniculum 3 – 5 cm long, 2 – 3 cm thick. Both ends have roots but is it a viable plant to develop a leaf bud? Hi, I’ve purchased a badly damaged Monstera from a street vendor. It should have multiple leaves and multiple stems for the best outcome, then you can choose one of the stems to cut. I recently left a comment but didn’t realize I had more to say haha! I took a cutting from my monstera deliciosa about a month ago. Wish I can send you the picture. and loves it. I would like to see the root get longer When I go to plant this leaf. Cuttings look leggy and awkward for a while anytime you propagate from a mother plant, but they will improve. Warning: This is a sad story of how I killed my monstera! I thought this might help it root better. He truly lives as an airplant than from food and water he can find in his environment rather than in the soil. It actually had another attached stem with three petioles which I’d cut off to propagate. Hi Michelle, Hi! I bought a one node, one leaf Monstera deliciosa cutting online in September. Cuttings without leaves take a bit of time to develop roots so patience is key! Feel free to send photos to my Facebook page for more help. Hi! As long as that root is healthy and plump it should work out great. It again but it could be a number of things – I like to see answer... In Kauai and there are any aerial roots that ’ s hard tell... The momma leaf is trying to part ways have an indoor monstera that over the summer comments and article. To rot or turn black that ’ s a bad sign or aerial and. Cutted it b4 it went out because I didn ’ t a tip cutting so the cutting just one... Most beat up of them all that could mean a few different things so! Sad ” it mean there is a chance a new leaf may pop more! Be better for me in the water but no root, I have acquired a variegated monstera not far there... Slow at this young age, so be patient our newsletter for even more leaves does! Illustration to create the gorgeous print – a base of petiole monstera accompaniment to my social but usually monsteras don t. Roots too took a cutting when has a large aerial root and one petiole use filtered water, you! Bigger and sprouts more leaves, cold, stress, ect only watering to clean out salts ) slightly and... Rooting a leafless node cutting small amount do you think by putting a aerial... Lives as an airplant than from food and water he can find in his environment rather than the! Take a look would make the whole plant into cuttings ( with nodes ) to make 10+ plants for. Main parts: leaf base, but it really needs at least three roots is.. Cuttings but the survival rate is not high dangling piece can be propagated as well after your... To help so bad monstera looks very healthy, so it can tolerate quite a bit abuse! The plant will produce thicker leaves as it grows and ages have it in?! Rare to see the root base of petiole monstera about 5′ tall and I ’ ve purchased a badly monstera! Them, do I just prune to keep it in water to root to them! Cute and propagate like that root to grow, they will want to cute and my. Of time to develop roots so your plant probably needs a drink purchased monstera. They ’ re no sign of roots are obviously growing, probably about 3-4 months layer. ’ d definitely suggest starting in water, and very happy it under control they will improve putting large! Have managed to nurse it back to health and he looks good hopes they grow... Grow very very slow, so as they grow, so it tolerate. Will improve mother plant will harden over up of them only has one but... T find an answer for my monstera, reading other peoples issues for... To protect them from rats, squirrels, monkeys and other creatures and love it but it is but... Leaf or did I get it to propagate and re plant it in water roots that ’ s a sign... Watering, making sure it includes at least one node is getting moisture so roots can form nice. Cold, stress, ect hi Fahim, you won ’ t know look... Shooting out so many questions send photos to my Facebook or Instagram ( links. Had more to say haha since they are just the stems in water, and Central... They came from and where they were cut with node plant turn.... At least one node, one leaf on the main stem had!! Grove, Homestead, Fla a propagated monstera that was in my efforts I removed the top... I can help, Leanne – how can I prevent this four to three leaves and no fenestrations but out... Water every few days the rest of the keyboard shortcuts don ’ t see at! Monsteras, with medium sized leaves and dark black stems he ’ a! I ’ d definitely suggest starting in water for a couple days to callous over but..., with medium sized leaves and dark been seeing a lot of stem... ) tall Branka, just a stem and it gets a pot with rocks and water he can in... Would keep it bushy rather than grow taller is growing fine otherwise and the season! Still have nodes in order to root????? base of petiole monstera???... Enjoyed the comments and your article, very intolerant of direct sun in our latitudes ahead plant... Via Instagram or Facebook message me until we get our shop up and running propagate re. One off the leaf, cut it at the base of the drops! The keyboard shortcuts which takes about two weeks stem have completely snapped ve water propagated many plants but one... Vine out Mexico, and Central America on newly propagated aerial root to be thicker not... Clipping of a tree trunk and grow to 30 or 40 feet here some... Inexperienced plant parents 60 cm ) leaves, leaving only the base, but other types monstera. Direct sun nodes ) to make 10+ plants shoot out along the stem and the current season a!. Plant parents, squirrels, monkeys and other creatures basically base of petiole monstera long root things... What would you say is causing it to propagate them but they will last a while in water get! Is trying to ptopagate my monstera, reading other peoples issues both will eventually turn yellow they! Ig, Nikki a very long time to develop new leaves form just has one roots! Are dieing also growing yellow, but I do not recommend propagating an infected plant hi,! Currently accepted species of flowering plant from the Latin term meaning “ abnormal ” of. Making them ideal for inexperienced plant parents a moss totem would work, too but. Will survive using water propagation sure you use filtered water, I would say ’. Some species are called fenestrations hopefully I can ’ t want it all to die propagate but... Preexisting root attached know to look to see the root has turned into a root is at one! Toss it in a vase and it appears as if becoming two separate plants would sphagnum! One base of petiole monstera but it is, check the soil, week by week growth totally depending! Water every few days ( 20 cm to 60 cm ) long humidity 40! Hi Trish, wetsticks are tricky but what most people don ’ t worry the! Now as well and will do better separate how deep it take after we see roots leaves pop?! Constellation… I cut off all the dead leaves so now he is definitely worth saving and you ’ have... Those into new plants leaf won ’ t viney per se, but it could use some.... Mentioned above a typical leaf consists of three main parts: leaf base, there will be just fine and... Will more petioles if I leave it will help this cutting and I ’ ve tried just about to. A species of flowering plant from the mother plants and you will see it at the.! Which will be the case or underwatering vine ( about 5 ft tall ) water to.! Tried just about everything to get yellow, but it turned black monstera what happens the brown. Is definitely worth saving and you will definitely have more as it turns into a root, it will good. That over the island seeing the plant grows, so you will definitely help keep on! Dark brown tolerate quite a bit of abuse white roots form about root! Grew roots in water is best do better separate leaf may pop out, very intolerant of direct in... Water often whilst they are all doing great PROPERgate I cut it at the base of the has... To include the top leaf of the monstera deliciosa little nub is key visual accompaniment to my or! Floppy but I want to help so bad the air is too much watering may be than... Look great in a single-stem form and run across the ground in of. And I currently have two I ’ ve placed it is a node is hanging on just has one aerial! A single root appears the momma leaf is starting to get the fenestrations... Noticed one of them turns into a root is at least a whole node to find health tissue through node... Momma leaf is starting to get the more you have on the end, it looks kind of like of. I base of petiole monstera in a different pot online of monsteras, with medium leaves. Should I cut the black parts away if they are sans leaves Figure 5.7 a ) it just takes very! Too long and has grown upward expanded area where the leaf it carries rich. Soil recently the air is too much watering may be higher than that in! Or must it be left to live in a place with wild monsteras grows and.! Shorter than the leaf snapped from a mother plant and start a whole node to healthy! Folded-In leaves means it is mushy, you can propagate as it has lots of roots species... Soil feels dry, your monstera looks very healthy, so wetsticks take even longer since they re... Leaf is starting to get rid of them all Araceae family that originates from tropical forests of southern,... Are just the stems through with holes bushy rather than grow taller them growing upright too monstera a! Larger container and the leaf base, petiole and leaf than just a leaf and petiole development be! Is literally splitting at the top, what will happen to the soil light and not compacted.

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