Challenge 1

A brief history of Agile, with a bit of Lean thrown in!

Recently, I was asked to give a talk on the origin of Agile. As I started to put a timeline together, I realised that it would not be complete without including Lean.

I do get asked quite often about the difference between Agile and Lean. I wont specifically address that question here. But I will just say that both Lean and Agile were built on different values and different principles and that each evolved a set of practices based on those values and principles. A few examples would be Scrum and Kanban.

The fact that many of the practices can be said to be a member of both is a testament to the similarity in the core ideals!

The differences in the practices could also be partly  put down to the generation gap between the two!

With Lean starting in the 1950s when problem solving was in what we call the complicated phase of problem solving to Agile, in this new century where we have moved into the complex zone with different problem solving practices needed

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