Our Promise

Are you a new company that is reaching the point of beginning to deliver at scale?

Or an established group that needs help with improving your delivery? Maybe, you are simply struggling to make it work.

Agile is no longer the new kid on the block. All over the world, companies are using agile methods to build sustainable high performance teams to deliver the products that are their reason for being. Done well, it can transform your business, with faster, more focused and more value driven delivery.

But it’s not easy.  Some companies are crashing into walls as they struggle to grapple with the agile mindset. It could be that you need a partner who can help to get you over the finish line.

I would like you to consider HPT Agile. I wont lie, We are a young team. But we are focused and we have values that we strive to uphold. And we are ambitious.

We  regularly work at a leadership level to work through and roll out agile practices across organisations.

We are a  coaches, teachers, facilitators and mentors but on top of this, we are   delivery experts who has led the delivery of agile value across large scale delivery. Our secret sauce is my systematic approach to improving both your process and outputs. Using this approach, we assess our progress and improve on an ongoing basis. My focus is on agile at a team and program level, the cornerstone to your agile plans.

The outcome is not teams of highly qualified agile practitioners but High Performance Agile Teams.

This is our promise to you.

I would be perfectly happy to sit down with you for a cup of coffee (or longer) if you just wanted to ask questions or gain any value from my experience. Just as once you supply the coffee!


Thanks for reading


Agile Lead

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